Rules of the "Trail des Fées"


1 Organization:

The "Trail des Fées" will take place the 2rd Saturday of September at the start of the "Centre Sportif", Rue du Culot 44, 6880 Bertrix.


The "Trail des Fées" Trail includes the following routes:


Trail 50 Km, 33 Km, 17 km and 12 Km

Walk of 22km, 17 km, 12 km and 7km.

2 Rules:

All participants must know the rules; by registration, it adheres without restriction.

Utmost courtesy is required vis-à-vis the volunteers who choose to spend some of their free time in the race.


3 Registration:

Registration must be made from the website; it will be confirmed after payment of the registration fee (proof of payment in support).


4 Responsibility:

It is expressly stated that the runners in the race under their own responsibility.

As such, it is pointed out that for the success of this single test, good physical preparation and capacity for autonomy are essential.


5 Nature:

Each participant is obliged to respect nature on the site of departure and arrival, as well as the entire journey.

It is mandatory to throw garbage in the bins located at many places on the way.

6 Security:

Some roadways will be used and / or crossings. The "traffic" will be respected by the participants.


7 Communication:

It is strongly recommended that participant take his cellphone with him . It will help to call organizers in an emergency.

8 Distribution of numbers:

We mail the bibs 10 days before the event.

The bib must remain VISIBLE on the front, for the duration of the event. In case of non-departure or abandonment, the participant will inform the organizers immediately and return his number.

9 Timing:

Starts will be given:

08:00 am: Trail 50km

09:00 am: Trail 33km

10:00 am: Trail 17km (start1)

10:30 am: Trail 17km (start2)

11:00 am: Trail 12km

03:00 pm: results


Briefing latest tips and 10 minutes before each departure.

10 Courses:

The courses will be signposted so that each participant fully respects the plot.

Disqualification could be imposed against an athlete who borrow shortcuts and / or who leave the paths and trails of the course.

Moreover, the signs of the course will be removed immediately after the last rider crossed the finish line in the time imposed.


11 Support:

It is forbidden to use personal coaching on the course (not any private vehicles, including mountain bikes for example).


12 Infrastructure:

The start and finish of all disciplines are located from the "Centre Sportif Communal", Rue du Culot 44, 6880 Bertrix.

Changing rooms and showers will be available at this location. Restoration and various activities will be offered throughout the day of "Trail des Fées".


13 Photos and image rights:

Pictures taken during the race will be posted on the site a few days after the event.

Each entry allows the organization to use any written, audio or visual concerning for any direct or indirect use document.


14 Pricing:


50km: 30 €

33km: 20 €

17km: 15 €

12km: 10 €

Walk: 5€

 Registrations on D-Day +3€ for trail

15 Cancellation / Change:

Cancellation of registration and payment is possible only in the following cases:

Accident, serious illness or death of the rider himself.

In case of accident or serious illness of the rider, it is necessary to provide a medical certificate attesting to the cons-indications to participate in the race.

Terms of payment: any refund request must be received, along with the medical certificate, no later than 10 days following the event. Applications are processed within two months after the event.

Cancellation requests must be sent to the organization in writing (mail or email) and provided with a document showing that the rider is in a situation allowing the cancellation.

A modification of the data registered during the registration will be effective after the payment of the administrative  sum of 5€.

16 Awards Ceremony:

The awards ceremony will begin at 03:00 pm.

Award for the top 3 males and females in each trail.

Disqualification could be imposed against an athlete does not meet any of these rules.

17. RGPD

By registering you, you accept that your data are used to communicate you information about "Trail des Fées".